Breakthrough Session

Rock the Scales Breakthrough Session

We will start this journey together with a Rock the Scales Breakthrough Session. It's the essential first step to deciding if working together privately is the right solution for you.

During your Breakthrough Session you will

  • Discover how you can upgrade your nutritional choices to optimize your energy and weight management
  • Uncover the link that will make you feel good in your body
  • Outline an action plan to take charge of your weight, energy and stress levels so you will continue to achieve overall happiness

Normally, I offer this confidential introductory session for $147.

My gift to you: If you’re ready to get healthier, feel and look better, book a session now!

The Breakthrough Session for you is only $47 for a limited time (a savings of $100!) If we decide that continuing to work together makes sense, this investment will be applied to your program as a special new client welcome gift.



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